MONTEQUIEU Helizander R. Roy S. Damian B.


Born When/where- La Brede, France in Jan 18, 1689

Job- Lawyer, Author, and Philosopher

Greatest Achievement- He published the Perisan letters which became a success and made Montesquieu a literary celebrity. He became a very wealthly man in office and resigned in parlemant shortly after and sold the place in order to go to the academy, and later was elected Academic Franceias and left France, with that title, and traveled aboard the world. He also created the "Spirit of Laws" which made de Montesquieu a very historic person.

Political thoughts and beliefs-Montesquieu believedthere were 3 types of governments: Repubican, Monarchies, and Despotisms. He also believed the principle of democracy is political virtue.


Montesquie quote means It is not just study. You have to apply to outside world. "EXPERIENCE"