Counselor's Corner

Kalan Hoskins, School Counselor, Fox Road Elementary

January 2016

1st Grade Guidance Updates

First Grade are using the Positive Action curriculum this year in guidance. A positive action means to do or cause good things to happen. In January, we will be finishing up Unit 2: Physical and Intellectual Positive Actions and moving into Unit 3: Managing Yourself Using Social and Emotional Positive Actions.

The guidance lessons this month for 1st grade are:

Lesson #39: How Do I Solve Problems?- to introduce the positive actions of decision-making and problem-solving

Word of the Week: Decision- To think about the choices and pick the best one

Lesson #43: My Time, My Money, and My Stuff- to introduce unit 3, managing yourself using social and emotional positive actions

Word of the Week: Time- When something happens (a period of seconds, minutes, hours, etc.)

Lesson #44: What I'm In Charge Of- to introduce and define the eight gifts everyone has: time, energy, possessions, money, talents, thoughts, actions, feelings

Word of the Week: Time- When something happens (a period of seconds, minutes, hours, etc.)

I will also be using the Howard B. Wigglebottom animated books and songs. Our January stories are:

* Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns We Can All Get Along

* Howard B. Wigglebottom and Manners Matter

* Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad: A Story About Moderation

You can view the stories, listen to the songs, play interactive games, and print out coloring sheets of Howard at:

1st Grade January 2016 Guidance Schedule

Demick: 1/4/16, 1/11/16, 1/25/16

Waller: 1/5/16, 1/12/16, 1/21/16

Wahl: 1/6/16, 1/13/16, 1/27/16

Hall: 1/7/16, 1/14/16, 1/28/16

Turnau: 1/8/16, 1/15/16, 1/29/16

3rd Grade Guidance Updates

In January , third graders will be studying Problem Solving. We will read a book, Sorry!, by Trudy Ludwig. Students will use Problem Solving Pond as a visual to teach and reinforce the skills of problem solving. The three steps to problem solving are shown on three stepping stones:

1. What is the problem?

2. What can I do?

3. Try an idea!

Problem solving strategies are listed on the lily pads and include: share, take turns, heart talk, apologize, give and take, humor, ignore, stay way, and get help. Guidelines and strategies for managing anger are provided on the Anger Management Island. Students learn the three rules of anger management: do not hurt yourself, others, or property and the strategies on the life preserver to calm or manage the anger. Students will rotate through stations to learn the various parts of the Problem Solving Pond this month.

3rd Grade January 2016 Guidance Schedule

T. Davis: 1/8/16

Gibbs: 1/11/16

Peterson: 1/12/16

Fatheree: 1/22/16

Geiger: 1/27/16

Gayton: 1/29/16

5th Grade Guidance Updates

In January, fifth graders will be solving conflicts. Students will learn that a conflict occurs when two or more people or groups disagree about something. Through utilizing the ever popular Minions characters, students will learn about what causes conflict, a "minion" reasons for conflict, effective communication, and problem solving. After students complete their "Solving Problems with Peace" minion mini-booklets, they will work in small groups to solve "Minion Conflict Cards."

5th Grade January 2016 Guidance Schedule

Damroth: 1/13/16

Jordan: 1/20/16

LeFevre: 1/21/16

Schott: 1/27/16

Registering for Middle School

I visited all 5th grade classes the last week of December and the first week of January and did a Middle School Choices lesson. Each 5th grader looked up their base, calendar choice, and magnet choice middle schools and circled them on a worksheet. If you are interested in your child attending a school other than your base middle school, please read the information and follow the links below.

Magnet schools

  • Magnet School Online Application Period is January 7 - January 22, 2016. Apply Now!
  • How students are selected: Prioritized selection criteria are used to fill available seats. Applications are not processed until the application period is over. In other words, applications are not "first come, first served."
  • Applicant pools: Students who do not receive a seat at their first choice school will be placed in an applicant pool. (Numbered wait lists will no longer be used, as available seats change with each application selection.) Applicant pools will be reviewed and processed in the spring, and additional assignments may be made based on seat availability. Applicant pool results are posted to parent online accounts once the available seats are reviewed. Parents will receive an email letting them know when the applicant pools have been processed.
  • No appeals: Students who apply but do not receive a seat may not appeal the decision.
  • Transportation: Choosing a school also means choosing transportation services. Make sure both fit the needs of your family. Most magnet students are eligible for bus transportation, but the type of service may vary depending on your school choice. Find transportation information for your magnet options by searching for your address in the Base School Locator. Some magnet students who receive neighborhood busing can experience ride times longer than a hour. You can view current bus routes online to estimate the length of the bus route.

Calendar Options

  • Know your options Enter your address to view your calendar options. Calendar options are granted based on space availability and are not guaranteed. For some addresses, two calendar options are offered to allow a greater likelihood of available seats. For best results, parents should choose both options to improve their chances of getting seated in a school with their desired calendar.
  • Transportation- Bus transportation is provided to calendar option students.
  • How to apply- Request a calendar change online Feb. 8-12. All requests for a calendar option assignment must be made during this period. No other opportunity will be provided to request your calendar option school. Notification of your application results will be posted to your online application account on Feb. 23.
  • Applicant pool- Applicants not seated will remain in an applicant pool and may be seated prior to March 20 if seats become available. (Numbered waitlists will no longer be used, as seat availability changes with each application selection.) Assignments made from the applicant pool will be posted to parent online accounts in the spring. Parents will receive an email letting them know when the applicant pools have been processed. No additional assignments to calendar option schools will be made after March 20, 2016. You can remove your student from the applicant pool if you no longer wish for your student to be considered for a seat. Login to your online application account to remove your student from the wait list.
  • No appeals- Students who do not receive a calendar seat may not appeal the decision.
  • How students are selected- Selection is based on seat availability. Prioritized selection criteria are used to fill available seats. Students who are not selected may not appeal the decision.


A BIG Thank you to all of the wonderful organizations that sponsored our families for the Adopt-a-Fox program in December! You helped sponsor 127 students and their siblings in the Adopt-a-Fox program.

A BIG Thank you to Rack Room Shoes of Brier Creek for sponsoring our Shoes That Fit program. They provided shoes for 23 Fox Road students this December. They will also be providing additional shoes for our students in the spring!

A BIG Thank you to Wake Crossroad Baptist Church for providing 45 bags for the Backpack Buddies program every week of the year!

A BIG Thank you to Note in the Pocket for generously providing our students with much needed warm coats. We were able to give out 20 coats to our Fox Road students.

Small Group Counseling

The small groups for January and February are:

1st grade- Controlling Anger, Positive Behaviors, Attendance Club, All Aboard the Study Skills Train, and Self-Esteem

3rd grade- Operation Breaking the Girl Code, Attendance Club, Respect for Authority, and Social Skills

5th grade- Operation Breaking the Girl Code, Attendance Club, Operation Breaking the Boy Code, Academic Improvement, and Coping with Loss

Kalan Hoskins

Mrs. Hoskins has a Master’s degree in Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from East Carolina University. She furthered her training and education by becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. She began working as a school counselor in 2001, and has worked in Wake county as a school counselor since 2004. She is married and a mother of three children: a son, age 1, and two girls, ages 5 and 9. She lives in Wake Forest. Her role at Fox Road is the Interim School Counselor. She is the counselor for 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades this year.