Monthly Stella Style

The latest and greatest in Stella & Dot Style - January 2015

Spring is Here!

Ok, well, maybe not quite yet... but Spring jewels are!

Our Spring Collection just launched, and now that I've had the chance to try on all the new pieces, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

I know it's still cold cold COLD out and everyone's wearing their blacks and grays, but great Spring styles are perfect for a punch of light & joyful style to carry you through the rest of the winter. Now here are my faves!

Just Like Grace

I have always been a huge fan of Grace Kelly... I mean, who isn't? These two pieces - chandelier earrings ($44) and cuff ($59) - were inspired by Grace's love of pressing flowers and leaves and were designed by our Chief Creative Officer, Blythe Harris, who had the honor of spending time with Grace when she (Blythe) was a child.

They're both delicate, light and have just the right amount of shine - easy to wear all day (just like I did today).

Doesn't-Get-Easier-Than-This Layering

Do you love the layered necklace look but struggle with getting it right? It's a common comment from my customers, but we've taken all the confusion away with our new Rebel Cluster necklace ($79 in all silver or gold with quartz). Wear the two strands together or separately for layered or simple looks.

Have You Heard of "Ear Jackets"???

You have now! These are the latest get-your-money's-worth earrings ($49). They come with two pairs of studs that you can wear alone or with the trend-forward ear jackets for some unexpected sparkle. I LOVE these!!!

See the Whole Line...

Want to flip through our whole gorgeous new Spring new line in our brand new look book? No problem! Just send me a quick email, and I'll send one out for you to look through with your coffee or a glass of wine!

Thank you for supporting my business in 2014!