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November 5, 2020

Dear Kincaid Families,

We are preparing for students in K-2 and intensive needs programs to come back to our building on November 16, 2020. Kincaid has a leadership team that includes general education and special education teachers, specialist, our school nurse and the principal. This team has been meeting for several weeks to prepare the Kincaid Re-Entry Plan. Please click on the link to view our plan.

In preparing for face-to face instruction, here are some items for you to consider.

  • Label all outdoor gear with your child's first and last name. It will be difficult to return lost items to students if they are unlabeled. There will no longer be an open lost and found area that students sort through independently. Staff will return items to students if a name can be found.
  • Students should practice wearing a mask (this will be required at school including during recess). Send 2-3 masks to school per day. Have fun with the masks and make sure they are a good fit for your child and are comfortable.
  • See your child's doctor before we return if you need to update asthma action plans and allergy plans (we need to know if your child's symptoms are new or related to their chronic health conditions)
  • Drinking fountains will not be in use, so plan for water bottles. You can send a refillable bottle to school or a disposable bottle. We do have access to water for filling these bottles.
  • Prepare your child that school will not be like other years. We will not be mingling with friends from other classes (not even at recess), we will eat lunch in our classrooms. PE/Art/Health/Music classes are not regularly scheduled.

On Tuesday, November 10, I will be hosting a Principal Town Hall Meeting. Please join me to learn more about our preparations for re-entry. Our meeting will begin at 6:00 pm.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 971 3771 5760

Passcode: Coyotes


Wendy Zorea


School Schedule

9:10 Parent drop off--Students line up outside (see our map)

9:20 Students enter building

9:30 Tardy Bell

2:50 Kindergarten dismissal

3:00 End of School Day

Nurse Notes for Re-Entry

Please contact Nurse Rachel if your child has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Nurse Rachel will work with each family to determine when your child will be able to return to school. Call 742-8501 or email at

  • Do not send your child to school if they have ANY illness symptoms. Talk to the school nurse for further information.
  • Check your child's temperature daily in the morning. Do not send your child to school if their temperature is elevated.
  • Have a plan to pick your child up from school if they are sent home sick. Arrange for childcare options if your student must stay home for a 10-day isolation period or 14-day quarantine period.
  • Send extra clean face masks to school with your child, so theirs may be changed if it is wet, soiled, or falls on the floor.
  • Only send items to school that your child needs (e.g., lunch bag, outdoor gear, etc.). Limiting unnecessary items increases availability of space in the classroom closets. A student's backpack may be used to hold personal belongings when they are stored in the classroom closet. Try to routinely declutter your child's backpack at home.

Parent Drop-off and Pick Up

We have attached our powerpoint to this Howler that will be shared with parents at our Town Hall. Please review the powerpoint if you will be driving your kids to school or picking them up.

Caravelle Entry: It is important to know that if you enter from the Caravelle entry, you must park your car, then walk your child across the crosswalk to the sidewalk. Students may not be dropped off in the parking lot without an escort.

Raspberry Entry: The Raspberry entry is for student drop-off and pick-up. Use the right hand side to drop off students. Students MUST exit your car from the right hand, curb side, of your vehicle. The left lane of the Raspberry entry will take you to our parent parking. The right lane will take you to student drop-off or pick-up.

When our parking lot is full, please be patient and circle around. The parking lot tends to be more crowded at pick-up.

Please follow all signage. 5 mph, reserved disabled parking, drop-off begins and ends, No Parking, and our one way signs. Please be polite and courteous to our staff who are trying to do to their very best to keep our students and visitors safe.

During drop-off, students go directly to their outside designated area to line up. They must wear a mask and remain 6 ft from others. Parents may walk children to their outside designated doors, but may not enter the building. Parents must also wear a mask and remain 6ft from others not in their family. See the map for entry doors.

Big picture


Most of your classrooms have individual student desks spaced out to the greatest amount possible. Our classrooms who have tables, will use clear table dividers to separate students who sit together at the same table. Some classes have been moved to larger spaces to accommodate the higher enrollment. Some of classes will open the wall to enlarge their classroom space.


We have moved our lunches back to the MPR and Gym. Only two classes will be in these larger spaces at one time. Each class will be located on one side of the these large spaces.

School Pictures

We will not have a school picture day at school this year. Please see the attachment to schedule an appointment for school pictures with Fitzgerald's Photography.

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Mission Statement: Kincaid Elementary School is a neighborhood school that provides a safe, structured, positive learning environment to meet the unique needs of our students. We believe in a strong academic program that is centered on the child and their specific developmental needs. It is our mission to provide a solid educational program while at the same time nurturing our students to become kind humans in our larger community. We will facilitate a learning environment in-school and online to support ALL students to become kind, respectful, responsible and safe citizens.