Ancient Greek Architecture

By Hayden Parris

What was Greek Architecture?

Greek Architecture was very interesting and very important. It was mainly focused around temples to worship the Greek Gods, Greek houses, and city buildings. Buildings were made of mud bricks built on a rubble foundation. The houses were usually built with an entry hall in the front with a room to one side of it. In front of that, was a courtyard with roofed platforms along the side. Greek houses were usually one story tall and built in a square formation. Greeks used the post and lintel system to build structures. The post and lintel system was where two walls were put up. Then, a wooden platform or something similar was put on top of this. This was used for holding up roofs.

City Layout

Cities had a protective wall surrounding them. They also had guard towers and sometimes moats for protection. The cities also had a city center called an Agora where Greeks traded and held meetings. Some cities also had an Acropolis. An Acropolis had temples where Greeks worshipped the gods. They were protected from war because they were built on a mountain or mesa.

The Style of Greek architecture and Who Created it

There were three styles of Greek Architecture. They were Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Doric style of building was developed by the Dorian tribes in Greece. It had an undecorated, sturdy look to it. It also had no base at the bottom. The Ionic Style was developed by Ionian Greeks living in Asia Minor. It was very ornate and delicate. Columns were long and slim. Ionic Columns had a scroll or spiral carved into the top. The Corinthian style was developed in the city of Corinth. That style was similar to the Ionic style, but the columns had leaves carved into the top of the pillars instead of scrolls.

Where is Greece?

Why is Greek Architecture So Important?

Greek Architecture is so important because many of our buildings in America and around the world are modeled after it. An example of this is the Oslo trading building in Norway or the White house in Washington D.C. Another example is the Coliseum in Rome. Most of our buildings are inspired by Greek Architecture like temples, buildings, and even houses.