By: JD Andersen

What is Nebula

Clouds of dust and gas. This looks like tiny smudges of light. Pressure variations within the clouds create clumps. A dwarf star lights up the surrounding cloud creates a glowing nebula.

Dark Nebula

This is clouds of dust that blocks light

Reflection Nebula

Clouds of dust that reflects light from nearby star or stars, they are usually blue.

Emission Nebula

Clouds of high temp. of gas, usually red.

Planetary Nebula

Shells of gas, sun might produce this in about 5 billion years

Open Clusters

Aggregations of dozens of hundreds of young stars


95% of all stars we see in our galaxy will ultimately become a planetary nebula. They will eventually will become massive enough to form stars. The remaining materials are then believed to form planets and other planetary system objects.

Diffuse Nebula

These means that they are extended and contain no well-defined boundaries