The War Of 1812

by,Gabriel Hermes


The war of 1812 was a war between Great Britain and the United States. In 1812 James Madison sent out a war message to the congress, he wanted a war with Great Britain. British was fighting off France. The British wanted more land. They were using America to fight France and the United States didn’t like that. James Madison DECLARED WAR!

The War

Congress signed a document, and then it happened. James Madison then became the first president to declare war. Soon after impressment occurred. Great Britain would try to take back troops from the United States. That made for a powerful Navy. While at war, in one battle in Fort York Zebulon Montgomery Pike was an army officer in action as a general. He led the U.S forces that attacked York Canada. Pike gave his name to a U.S warship. This great man died in April 1813.

the sea

Great Britain had a good army too good for us. Even in the sea we didn’t think we could win. Throughout the war they were dominating the U.S they not only had the U.S on the sea but on land too.

Napoleon war

Napoleon one man leader for French he led a French army his army evolved into many military’s it was like Great Britain.


The war ended in April 1815 the U.S was continuing to fight and was surprised that peace had been made. The U.S won the war.