I Am Me

Emma Potts

I have 5 brothers

I have two step brothers, two half brothers, and one real brothers. Their names are Randy, Zack, Richard, Danny Jr, and Jerry. Randy and Zack are twins, Randy is in the navy and Zack live in Boston i think. Richard and Danny Jr are my step brother. Finally they are all order them me

I going to snyder middle school

I going to Snyder middle school and I am in 8th grade. I am on the All-Star team. Finally this is my second and last year at this school.

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I have pets

I love scary things

I love horror movie like The Women in Black. I also love scary books like Deep and Dark and dangerous. Also I like being scared.

I love anime

I love to watch anime. I am currently watching Naruto. I can watch anime all day long if i could. Some of my favorite anime are Naruto, Oran high school host club, fruit basket, Soul Eater, One piece and Sword Art Online.

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