The Fun in El Salvador

Marvin Herrera

One summer in 2013 my mom and my little brother and me were going to El Salvador for a month. My dad was going later that month. The plane ride was three hours it was a nice ride. During the plane ride I got to see some snowy mountains. When I got there I saw my Aunt Ana and my cousin name Eric. It took two hours to get home from the airport. My mom cried when she saw her mom which is my grandma, and we saw my moms whole family at my grandmas house.

For the next week we stayed home because we were catching up with each other. Our first event was the huge mall that we like to go to, we ate has a family in a pizza place. Then we went shopping for clothes because we got a surprise that my Aunt Ana was going to get married. Most of the days we stayed home helping my grandma, I helped my uncle because he was building a room in our big house. The next week we went to the beach it was a hot sunny day we ate fish, we swam in the beach it was a great time with the family. For the next week I played with my cousins one of my cousin which is 13 is Brian the other one is a girl name Mary she is 14 then the other one which is a boy is Daniel he is 12.

The next week my dad was coming to El Salvador. I took a nap for the whole day to waste my day because my dad was coming until night time and I really wanted to see him. Then when I saw him I was so happy. Later that week we went to the beach again for my dad we did the same thing as last time. Then the last big event my Aunt Ana's wedding. It was awesome, we danced, we ate the cake, we laughed, we saw them get married it was so much fun. A week later we were leaving it was really really sad to leave, half the airplane ride my mom cried. I had realized how much fun we can have with family and that family is everything.

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