My Summer Plans


1.) Vacations

This summer I going to Texas for vacation because relatives live there and we going to have a huge party once we get there

2.) Job

I am going to try and get a job after/before I go on the vacation because i usually do nothing when I am at my house so got to try a least.

3.) Lake

My aunt found this huge lake that we are going to swim in because apparently there is a lot things inside the lake like caves in the lake which hopefully it is cool.

4.) Fishing

At Texas there is a small pond that is apparently full of all kinds of fish and apparently they are easy to catch because there is a type lure that we have that attracts them in.

5.) volunteering

I am going to try to volunteer at the humane society because I always feel bad for the dogs there and the least I can do is help them out.

6.) Mowing

My brother has been mowing for people lately and this year he is going to get a job so he going to let the people that he mows for that I am going to take over that little job.