The 3 Step Memory Process

March 16, 2016

Tasks for the Day!

#1. Complete the Module 7 Pre-Test. Take the pre-assessment quiz to establish how much about our topic you already know. You are required to take this pre-assessment, but don't worry. It does not impact your grade!

#2. Review the glossary and any vocabulary practice. You will be required to know the terms included for the post assessment at the end of the module.

#3. Begin lesson 1 by reviewing the notes to learn about Encoding and Storing Information in Memory. Review the information in the presentation. Once you have completed the presentation, check the button to the right of the lesson link. That will open the practice activities and the assignments and quizzes for the lesson.

Making Memories!

Memory: Encoding, Storage, and Retrieval
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Encoding, Storage, Retrieval

  • In order to make memories we first need to take in information
  • Encoding - the brain has to take environmental stimuli and turn it into storable information
  • Storage - memories are then stored until later use
  • Retrieval - stored memories are then reactivated within the brain
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