Year 2/3 Newsletter

Term 2 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone has had a nice and restful break and is ready to start Term 2! Below, you will find an overview of what we will be working on throughout Term 2. Please let Mrs Cousins or Ms Clark know if you have any questions or concerns.

Behaviour Management

This term, there will be some minor changes to our behaviour management system. This term, students will be placed in groups and will be earning group points. Each group will work towards earning points by working cooperatively to demonstrate positive behaviours. Group points will be tallied and at the end of each week, the group with the most points will earn a reward.

Along with group points, students will also be working towards earning individual stamps. Students will be given a stamp card at the beginning of this term containing 50 stamp spaces. Each time a row is filled on their stamp card, students will earn a sticker. After they have earned 50 stamps, they will receive a reward. Students are required to be responsible of keeping track of their stamp card as they will have to start their stamps over if their stamp card is misplaced or lost.


Homework is to remain the same this term.

  • Spelling: This term, students will glue their lists into their diary each week and practise their words at home. A pre-test will be undertaken each week to determine the spelling list they will be practising. The weekly words will have a specific sound or spelling rule. After each spelling test on Friday, students will write down their score and also circle or highlight the words they spelled incorrectly on their test to ensure further practise of these words at home.
  • Reading: Students are expected to read each night and switch out their books when necessary. Students who are reading Literacy Pro books are expected to read each night and complete a quiz upon completion of their book.
  • Mathletics: Students will be assigned Mathletics tasks each week based on concepts learned in class.
  • *Naplan Practise for Year 3 students: During Week 2, Year 3 students will be assigned a practise Naplan test to be completed at home through Mathletics. The students will have an hour to complete the practise test. The questions on the practise test will be similar to the types of questions Year 3 students will be asked on the Naplan test.

Areas of Study in the Classroom

Maths: In Maths, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction concepts. We will also be learning about fractions. In Measurement and Geometry, students will be learning about 3D shapes and reading maps. Towards the end of Term 2, students will be studying length and how to measure objects using formal and informal units.

Reading/Writing: During the first two weeks of Term 2, we will be reviewing narratives and persuasive texts. In Weeks 3-10, students will be writing and reading Informational Reports and Descriptions. These Literacy topics will also be integrated across the curriculum in areas such as History and Science.

Grammar: Students will continue to revise proper parts of speech (adjectives, nouns, verbs, proper nouns) and will also be completing daily editing exercises to continue to revise all learned grammar and punctuation concepts taught so far. This term, students will be introduced to plurals, possessive adjectives and homophones.

Science: This term in Science we will be focusing on Biological Sciences. We will be looking closely at the characteristics of living and non-living things, recognising a range of living things and learning about their associated habitats. We will also be looking closely at some common life cycles and food chains found within different habitats.

History: In History, students will be focusing on Aboriginal studies. We will be comparing and contrasting the roles and responsibilities of Aboriginal family members compared to their own. Students will also be looking at the past and present and identifying how aspects of daily life has changed over time. Towards the end of the term, we will also be looking at different Aboriginal groups found across Australia and investigating at the differences and similarities different groups.

Speak Up/Out: This term the whole school will be participating in a speak up/out challenge. This challenge is focused on the students preparing and presenting an oral presentation for their classmates. This is to be completed as a homework project with help from parents. This homework project will be sent home and emailed with all the required information during week 2. This project will be assessed under the listening and speaking components of the curriculum.

Other Information

  • Reports will be written throughout the term and sent home with students during the last week of school.
  • Starting week 3 of this term, the Year 2 students will be undertaking some athletics practise/training sessions run by trained professionals every Wednesday after lunch. This is a funded program for the Year 1 and 2 students.
  • Starting week 6 of this term, the Year 3 students will be undertaking some lessons from Cycling WA. These lessons will be conducted each Thursday after lunch and will run for 4 weeks. All bikes and safety equipment will be provided. This is a funded program for the Year 3&4 students. More information on this will be sent home closer to the date.

Thank you, Annie Clark & Shannan Cousins