Where The Wild Things Are

BY: Matthew Doyle and Chandler Moore

Where The Wild Things Are Banned?

You might have heard about the childrens book "Where The Wild Things Are" being challenged then banned.The reason they banned it was because they said that the part where the main character "Max" goes to bed with out being fed supper by his mother.They called this part 'child neglact'. We personally do not think that's a bad case of child neglact.

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Why It Got banned

Some people complained about Max being sent to bed without supper. They also didn't like the idea of him having a tantrum. (What kid hasn't done that?!) It was banned heavily in southern states when first published in 1963.Some said it gave children nightmares. This story is very popular with children, so it must not be too scary for them!If it frightens them so much that they have nightmares, I'd say it may have more to do with the way the book is presented to them than with the book itself.As for Max being sent to bed without supper, he did have supper in his room, so it's not like he went all night without food.Over the years, it's been considered to "promote witchcraft and supernatural events", because of the images in the book. I'm not sure how one could come up with the idea that this book promotes "witchcraft and supernatural events".