Stroke of Genius

How To Help Someone Suffering From A Stroke

Think FAST: Know the Signs of a Stroke and How to Help

Face - Face drooping is a sign of a stroke. Ask the person to smile: is one side of their face drooping? Does his/her smile look abnormally asymmetrical? Does their face feel numb?

Arm - Arm weakness is a sign of a stroke. Have the person hold out his or her arms in front of their body, parallel to the ground. Does one arm fall lower than the other? Is one arm numb?

Speech - Speech difficulty is a sign of a stroke. Have the person say simple sentences, such as "The President lives in the White House" and listen for slurred speech or difficulty speaking.

Time - Call 9-1-1 immediately if the person shows signs of stroke. If the person shows any signs of stroke, take note of the time that the symptoms first appeared and tell the EMS personnel once they appear on the scene.

Know the Signs. Call 9-1-1.

Until the EMS arrive, give care to the person for any other conditions that may be present, such as shock (lay the person down, keep him/her comfortable) or external bleeding (apply direct pressure to stop the bleeding and cover with a bandage).