www@uschs library

Work, Whisper, & Wisely Use Your Time & the Space

Welcome to the Upper St. Clair High School Library!

This is the place to be, so follow WWW@USCHS to ensure a spot in our beautiful library space!

W #1.
Since the library is an academic area of our school, please arrive with WORK to do. It's an excellent space to collaborate with group members, do homework, or catch up on reading or computing.

W #2.
Please WHISPER! It's a library after all! Please keep your conversations at your tables and WHISPER.

W #3.
Please use the space WISELY. Clean up after working and snacking, use the garbage and recycling bins, and respect all library users and staff. Please use your time WISELY by having work to do, whispering, and acting appropriately and respectfully.