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Learning Way & CoopARTE

Learning Way:

  • This project’s goal is to develop student leadership and teamwork, taking an important role in the education of children.
  • Exchange participants will support theoretical and practical classes, cultural activities, workshops on different subjects or will give school support in NGOs or schools.
  • Through this project the interns will be contributing to the overall development and improvement of children. It also seeks to expand their world view and contribute to intercultural understanding.


  • The project goal is to develop skills and topics such as leadership, teamwork, holistic and strategic, to empower children for the future, both personally and professionally.
  • University students will hold workshops and activities arts, music, sports and outdoor recreation as an empowering tool for project participants to overcome difficulties with a creative point of view.
  • The exchange participants will develop recreational activities that teach children and youth values, and contribute to a more responsible generation, dedicated and aware of their role in society.

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