Excel Student

I Hail From...

I am an out of state student that is from Albany, Georgia.
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My Studies

I am currently a Physics major, but will be attempting to add music performance to make a double major in the the spring. (Yes I am aware that that is insane.)

I am an EXCEL Student because...

Believe it or not the study hours were not my primary purpose for joining the EXCEL program. I originally heard of the program through a brochure received from the school. As a physics major, the program offered a chance of undergraduate research and i found it hard to resist.
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Assisting Success?

Though the lab hours were not what made me want to be a part of this program, the need to gather with fellow students and complete assignments to build a sense of community will, in my opinion, help me to grow and achieve more as a person.
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I am unique!

Though the assignment only requires one unique stat, there is more than one thing to set a person apart. I am germ-phobic, so I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer around with me everywhere. I juggle for fun. I am a Marching Knight playing the trumpet. To top it all off, I am an Eagle Scout!
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