College and Career Readiness

"Putting students first"

The mission of the College and Career Readiness department is to support schools to ensure each student has the skills, knowledge, and abilities to be successful in their post-secondary choices.

College and Career Readiness Staff

Our staff:
Director, College and Career Readiness - Elaine Elefante-Leano
  • Senior Administrative Assistant - Norma Martin
STEAM Coordinator - Jesus Ulloa-Higuera
District Counselors - Nancy Castro-Nieto and Troy Mason
CTE TOSAS - Ricardo Cisneros and Janette Gomez-LaMadrid
AVID TOSA - Jeanette Gonzalez
  • Administrative Secretary - Jerrold Espino
  • Senior Office Assistant - Joette Fredricksen
  • Office Assistant II - Amelia Haro

How to reach us: 680 L Street Suite E; 619-600-3340

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 4/13/16
  • Counselor's Standards Meeting - District Office, 8:00 a.m.
Saturday, 4/16/16
  • Magkaisa Student/Parent Conference - San Ysidro HIgh School
Monday, 4/18/16
  • High School Counselor Curriculum Meeting, District Office, 8:00 a.m.
Tuesday, 4/19/16
  • SWC College Preview Day
Wednesday, 4/25/16
  • Middle School Counselor Curriculum Meeting, District Office, 8:00 a.m.
Monday, 5/16/16
  • All District Counselor Meeting, PDC

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Every year the Student Opportunity and Access Program(SOAP) offers SAT/ACT test prep to our students. The following schools have hosted the test prep sessions at their sites - Chula Vista High School, Olympian High School, Otay Ranch High School, San Ysidro High School and Southwest High School. All test prep sessions were open to all district students.


Southwestern College

Our partnership with Southwestern College this year has become even stronger. At the beginning of the school year, SWC hosted a counselor's conference for both SWC and Sweetwater counselors; the Alternative Education counselors had a special day just for them to learn more about their programs; we have started joint counselor meetings; and lastly, continued our college bound classes.

Compact For Success

Every year a number of activities take place beginning in the 7th grade to assist our students on their road to becoming "Compact Eligible."
  • 7th grade SDSU trip
  • College Making It Happen at the Middle Schools
  • 11th grade Assembly
  • District College Fair
  • Cash for College
  • District Private College Fair (RACC)


RACC Private College Fair

This was our first year to host the RACC Private College Fair!

Counselor Standards Meeting

Counselors have been meeting regularly to plan, discuss and systematize counseling services provided at all sites

Building Trades Career Fair at Castle Park HIgh School

Special thanks to Cesar Gamez and his construction pathway students for organizing this event.

Olympian HIgh School Engineering Open House

Mr. Claudio, Engineering Teacher at Olympian High School hosted an open house for families to showcase what 21st century engineering skills students are learning.


8th graders from our middle/junior high schools were invited to spend a day at Qualcomm's Thinkabit Lab!
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Healthcare Administrative Services Pathway

Students at Sweetwater High School giving their final presentation as part of completing their internship at Fredericka Manor Retirement Community.
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