HarpDawg's Places Bucket List

Mrs.Whites 4th Pireod Class

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Australia is a very cultural place where you can see a Futball Match, wander through numerous parks and gardens, hit the beach, and visit loads of cool off the grid stores and restaurants. You can visit the Grand Botanical Gardens where you can wander through beautiful gardens, statues and fountains. Beaches allow you to ether ride on a heart-pumping jet-ski, surf, or just catch some good old vitamin C. Visit the well known cricket ground, the national sports museum or the zoo. I'd love to visit Melbourne Australia.
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Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska is a beautiful snowy wonderland where you can exiting, thrilling activities. Sledding and snowboarding are big hits with sports extremists. You can fish and see lots of wildlife. But the big draw for me is Dog Sledding. Share moment with these adorable and dependable dogs. Speed through the trees while enjoying one of the oldest forms of Alaskan transportation. This snowy paradise is sure to bring you, as well as me, joy and wonderful thrill.
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Rome, Italy

In Rome you can see wonderful jaw dropping sights and marvelous architecture. You can see the Roman history in churches, museums, and temples. While in Rome you can check out the classic Italian food and hit the beach on the way. Visit Avintine Hill where you can "see Rome from the keyhole." Or visit the National Roman Museum, "Palazzo Massimo alle Terme." The mix of amazing architecture, food, beauty, and food make it one of the places on my bucket list.
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