The First Fleets journey

The Journey

Ports of Call

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After many delays the eleven ships of the First Fleet left Portsmouth with

  • 2 warships, HMS Supply and HMS Sirius
  • 3 supply ships Alexander, Scarborough and Friendship
  • 6 transport ships
750 convicts and 550 other people
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Tenrife-Canary Islands

In Canary Islands the first fleet stocked up on food and water. The air was sickly and the crew tried to freshen the air by exploding gun powder.

Rio de Janerio, Brazil

In Rio the first fleet stocked up again but this time they had exotic fruits such as bananas, coconuts and mangoes. The convicts were allowed to walk on deck without shackles but if they were disobedient they were shackled to a mast.

South Atlantic Ocean

in the south Atlantic the seas were so rough that many people went over board and lost there lives in the tremendous sea

Cape of Good Hope

In Cape of Good Hope the Fist fleet stocked up on supply's and fixed the ship up then they started the long journey to the unknown of the sea

This is Austrlia

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