Computer tech skill

How you will us them again.

Three examples of when or how you can use these skills.

1. You can use spread sheet to keep track of your personal finance. You can type in how much you have spent; lets say in a month then you can add it all up then subtract it from what you made to see if you went over you not.
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2. You can also use spread sheet and excel to do school work to show chart. You can also use the chart in work to show how things are also progressing.
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3. At the beginning of the second quarter we learned about copy right and licenses this will help me so I know how to give credit to someone and I know how I can us other peoples work without getting in trouble. We also learned about viruses and how to keep are identity safe. I can use these skills when every I am online or when I have to write a paper and i want to us somebody's idea.