Christopher Columbus

Jade Wallace

Columbus' Early Years

~Christopher Columbus was from Spain and lived from 1451 CE - 1506 CE.

~He worked as a mapmaker for his brother and a sailor aboard commercial vessels.

~Older brother, Bartolomeo, influenced him to start exploring.


~Columbus spent 7 years trying to convince people to fund his voyages.

~After the 7 years, the Spain government agreed to pay half of the funds and the other half was paid for by private citizens.

Motivation: God, Glory, or Gold?

During that time, Portugal needed a new route to get to Asia. Christopher Columbus came up with an idea that he thought could possibly be an easier way to get to Asia. Rather than sailing around Africa, he would just go directly west to avoid longer travels. Gold and glory were both motivations for Columbus because there was a chance for him to be the guy that discovered the best route to Asia and maybe along the way discover money or good trades.
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~Although he thought he had discovered a new part of Asia, he was the second person to really discover America, following 500 years behind the first person, Leif Eriksson.

~Helped to really spark the idea of starting villages in America.

~Modern medicine advancements were made from herbal discoveries where his ships landed.

~After his voyages, the world was no longer considered to be flat.


~Killed many Native Americans and enslaved some as well.

~Brought diseases over from Spain.