Variable Flyer

String, Float and Interger

What is a variable?

A variable is something with a value that may change. In simpler terms, a variable is just a box that you can put stuff in, like the one below. You can use variables to store all kinds of stuff. |if that wasn't enough, there is also a video explaining below!


lucky = 7 print (lucky) 7

In this program, I created a variable called lucky, and assigned to it the value of the integer number 7. Then, I just asked Python to tell us what was stored in the variable lucky, and it did.

What is a variable?


An interger is a whole number, it is a data type.

Here is an example

my_variable_int = 7

Below is what an interger is!

Integers - What is an Integer? -


A float is a number that is decimalized.

An example...

my_variable_float = 1.23


A string is something that isn't a interger or a float. It is in quotes.

Here's an example

"Hello, I'm a string!