K-2 Wing Newsletter

January 18-22, 2016

Field Trips

It's that time to again to begin planning at least 1 field trip for this semester! Remember to submit your completed field trip packet at least 2 months in advance for approval. Consider planning a trip during the week prior to Spring Break. The scholars have checked out and will be ready for a break. It is a great time to go on a field trip! Due to the GA Milestone testing, the only week in which a field trip will be approved in April will be the first week. Please take this into consideration when planning your trips.


It is important to begin fundraising now in order to help pay for field trip experiences for scholars and/or to put toward an end of year celebration. Your grade level must receive prior written approval from me for all fundraisers. A fundraiser proposal form has been created. I will email it to you. A grade level representative must complete and submit the proposal for approval at least 2 weeks before a fundraiser can begin. Fundraiser proposals will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

Room Cleanliness & Readiness for the next day

Starting this week, if you don't do so already, please begin stacking your scholars' chairs every day after school to help the custodial staff clean your rooms nightly. Continue to let me know if your rooms are not clean when you enter in the morning.

Before leaving for home, please leave your room ready for the next day. That means changing the date & connections schedule, posting I can statements and standards, and having the Do Now up and ready on the board. The expectation is that you also have your lesson plans and activities on your desk and ready to go. This preparation makes your morning go smoothly and also ensures everything is ready to go in the event of an unexpected absence.

Sub Binders

Please take the time to update your sub binders this month. Refer to the checklist of required items in the staff handbook. We have gained and lost some scholars in our wing. Be sure your class list is current and ready for a sub to take attendance (2nd grade- please have a current list for each period you teach). There must be at least 1 day's work copied and ready to go. If you are absent this semester and your sub binder is not in order, you will be issued a professional reminder.

Important Dates to Remember

Jan. 18: No School

Jan. 19: Critical Day; Data Team Meetings- bring your laptop; Faculty Meeting (Behave with Care); Lybi visits; submit team members' names who will be staying for Family Enrollment Night

Jan. 20: 100th Day of School; Family Enrollment Meeting 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Jan. 25-29: NWEA testing

Jan. 29: Progress Reports Go Home

Feb. 5: Bulletin Boards & ECA boards due

Feb. 11: Critical Day

Feb. 12: Staff PD day; no students

Feb. 15: No School

Feb. 16: Critical Day


Please sign your name on the list outside of my office door stating you have read the information provided. Thanks!
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