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April 16, 2023

Monday, April 17 is a remote instruction day

Reminder: due to air conditioning repairs, Monday, April 17 is a remote instruction day for all students.

Monday is a B day on our schedule.
Students will be expected to follow the daily bell schedule and log on to classes at the designated time:

5th period: 8:20 a.m
6th period: 9:55 a.m
7th period: 11:30 a.m
8th period: 1:55p.m

Lunch break for all students and staff: 1:00p.m. (staff will not be available online at this time)

Attendance: attendance will be counted during virtual instruction. Students are to log in to the live classroom feed AND complete the assigned bellwork at the beginning of class in order to be counted present. If a student is having any difficulties, they must contact the teacher via email.

Classwork: All classwork will be delivered via Google Classroom. Teachers will be live on screen and will also assign classwork to complete.

Mrs. Knapp will be monitoring the Academic Advising Google Classroom all day for anyone that needs assistance. The code for that is abdvwh2

Reminder: students may only use their school accounts to access Google Classroom. Anyone requesting access to the classroom from a personal email will not be admitted into the class for cybersafety measures.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out-

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New building updates

Dear San Jose Cecil parents,

Our new co-CEOs, Amanda Glancy and Saul Bloom, will be at our VIPS meeting this month to disucss the new building with all parents.

The meeting will be this Thursday, April 20, at 6pm in the cafeteria.

Parent/Staff organization meeting!

Our next V.I.P.S. meeting will be on Thursday, at 6pm in the cafeteria.

We would love to have more participation from parents and student participation at our next meeting.

We will also be having a potluck during the meeting! Potluck sign up:

What do you love about our school?

We are working on a special project for the grand opening of the new building and would love your input. Please complete this one word survey!

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Yearbook pre-sales

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Prom tickets on sale!

There is only 1 inaugural Prom!

Juniors and Seniors- make sure to purchase your tickets today!

Ticket prices will go up April 30, so get yours today!

Prom: May 20 at The Hilltop

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Attendance matters! Please make sure that your student is at school. This includes avoiding excessive school check outs.

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Earth Day 2023

We would love to feature some of our students and their families for Earth Day!

Email Mrs. Knapp pictures of you doing something to help our planet- recycling, planting, etc... and you can be fetured in our Earth day post!

Students with online courses

If your student has an online course, they should be progressing at this rate:

  • Students in year long courses should be at a minimum of 75% completion
  • Students in semester courses should be at approximately 55%

If you are not sure where your student's progress is at, please ask them to log into Edgenuity and show you their progress report.

All 9th graders in HOPE have Ms. Colon monitoring their progression. If you have questions, you can reach out to Ms. Colon.

Students with other online courses: look at your student's schedule. The teacher listed as their research teacher is the teacher monitoring their progress. You can refer questions to him/her.

As a reminder, students have access to their coursework 24/7 and can complete work at any time.

School policy reminders

As we go into the 2nd half of the school year, here are some school policy reminders:

Cell phones:

Students may not have cell phones out at any point during the day with the exception of breakfast and lunch. The use of cell phones during breakfast and lunch is a privilege and it can be revoked if abused. This includes ear buds.


Students get 3 "free" tardies each quarter. After the 3rd tardy, students will begin to receive disciplinary consequences. This is for both tardies to school and to class. Tardies will reset each quarter.

Uniform infractions:

Students must be in full uniform every day. Failure to be in full uniform will result in the student being sent to the office to get into appropriate uniform dress.

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Reminder regarding deliveries

As a reminder, students are not permitted to order food deliveries (student handbook, page 13). We do have a school lunch program and students may also bring their lunch.

Any deliveries will be held in the office until 3:20.

No cell phone use during the day

Please remember that students are not allowed to use their cell phones during class. Please refrain from calling/texting your student during instructional time.

Students using cell phones during instructional time will have cell phones confiscated for the remainder of the school day. Multiple infractions will result in discipline referrals.

Students may use their phones at breakfast until 8:20am and at lunch from 1:00-1:30.

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2022-2023 San Jose Cecil school calendar

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Thursday, April 20

VIPS meeting, 6pm, cafeteria

Mon, May 1-Fri, May 5

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

Friday, May 5

Planning day

Mon, May 15-Fri, May 19

Senior Week

Saturday, May 20


Wednesday, May 24

Seniors Final Walk 😥

Thursday, June 1

Inaugural graduation!!!! 🎓

Friday, June 2

Last day of school for students


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