My First Semester In Sophmore Year

Carin Bertling- Fall 2015

Field trip to Texas A&M in College Station

This is a highlight to me because we went to a college university. Going to A&M was a very exciting experience. To learn more about the university was very fun. Adventuring around A&M was cool. Then, eating in a restaurant was really good. Taking pictures at the statues were really cool as well. The whole university was very cool and interesting.
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Lip-sync battle

The lip-sync battle was really fun. Seeing the other students lip-syncing was really funny and enjoyable. This was the first time this has been at the school and it was very enjoyable. Listening to the different songs that were being used was fun. The lip-sync idea in general was a good idea. Everything was awesome in the lip-sync battle.
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Spending Thanksgiving with my uncle's side of the family

Every Thanksgiving i've been living with my aunt and uncle we always go to my uncle's side of the family. We either go to his mom's house or his sister's house. Seeing his side of the family is fun. Most of my uncle's side of the family is there. My uncle's mom has really good cooking. I get to see my cousin's little cousin as well and he is adorable.