Mark was a young men who found the love for football. When he was five years old I signed him up to play flag football for the High Steel panthers. Mark was one of the fastest people on the team. As mark got older he was known for his ability to run and throw the ball. He has been playing for 13 years now.

Mark was a good football player who had college recruiters coming to all his high school games. My boy was own his way to playing the biggest game of his life. Mark team had made it to the state championship and will be playing the defended state champs from the following year. The day of the game Mark was nervous and wondered if he would fall short. I sat him down and told him my experience on the time I played my biggest game. Afterwards Mark was pleased and ready to play.

It was an hour before opening kickoff Mark had call me and said" he was so thankful for me being his dad and showing him the responsibility of becoming a man. It's been hard for the both of us since his mom died 3 years ago from cancer. Mark and his team was down by seven at the half. Mark had scored the only touchdown they had on a thirty one yard quarterback sweep. The start of the third quarter Mark threw a ten yard pass which gave them a first down. Next play Mark had ran a quarterback option, and ran through the line. As he was running three players were coming towards him. Mark put a move on one, but than he was hit in the legs. It swept him off his feet. As Mark was falling down another person hit him right below his knee. The crowd went silent when they heard a crack which was Mark bone sticking outside of his knee. I ran down to the field grasping for air. Mark was laying down crying, holding his leg. Me and one of his coach helped him to the car, and I rushed him to the hospital. Mark had crack his knee cap and would have to have surgery. He would have to sit out for the rest of the seasons. Mark was crying, feeling depressed, thinking if he would ever play again.

Mark never played football again and is now a security guard at the local mall. He never went to college because his grades wasn't up to part. All the schools that offered him a scholarship for football were denied because of his injured knee. Mark speaks to young men and encourage them to stay focused in school. one of his favorite quotes was" If you put your mind to it that it will be accomplish.