Julia B.


A rainforest is a dense forest, found in tropical areas with consistent rain fall. There are too many trees being cut down. Some people don't find this an issue but in reality it is. Trees are a big factor of our lives.

The Problem

There are many problems in this biome. One of the biggest problems is that we are cutting down more trees than we have growing. Trees are cut down to make houses, firewood, and for other money producing industries. With the rate that lumberjacks are moving each hour, 1,000 to 3,000 acres are destroyed. 40,000 to 50,000 acres are being destroyed each year. Not just trees are harmed. Plants in the rainforest are used to make medicines, herbal shampoos, and some perfumes. 60-70% of animals in the rainforest are killed due to poachers. As we all know, in a food web, if one species dies off all the other species are affected by it. The rainforest supplies 40% of the earth's oxygen. With the way things are going the rainforest has only 28 years left with only 3 million square miles remaining all over the world.

Addressing the Problem

There are many different ways that we, the people of the world, can help the rainforest. Before trying to help, educate yourself of the rainforest biome. Start using less firewood, recycling paper and paper products. You can help by saving up money to buy an acre of the rainforest to save that acre from being harmed. We also need to educate people of the harm that is being done to the rainforest.

Serious Problems in our World Video #1- Saving the Rainforest


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