Spotlight on 2nd Grade!

Mrs. Dawdy's Class

Week of February 1-5

Hello Parents!

Please read the sections below to see what's going on in the life of our class!

Working with Words

The students will be focusing on “un” (such as fun), “ue” (such as cue) and “ust” (such as must) sounds this week. There will be a spelling test on Friday. These words will be on the test: sentence, minute, father, study, cousin.


Students will read nonfiction texts this week. While reading Marching with Aunt Susan, the students will focus on the skill of identifying key details, describe historical events, and describe from a different point of view.


The stars will begin dividing items into equal groups. This is the foundation for multiplication. While doing this they will use math drawings go represent equal groups and relate to repeated addition. Expect to work on Zearn this week at home!


The students will continue information writing this week. While learning this new style of writing, they will focus on additing outside sources in writing, research historical events, and connect historical events.


· Our Valentine’s Party will be on Friday, February 12. We will begin our class party at 2.

· Friday’s STUCO Spirit Day theme is polka dots or stripes! Please send students wearing these items.

· Reading logs and Drops in the Bucket sheets (Math) are due Friday!

· Please help your student in one of the following ways this week: practice math fact fluency, practice subtraction, or ask them questions about what they’re reading this week. I appreciate your support!