Human Migration, Population Growth

By Ava Hamric

Human Migration/Population Growth

Human Migration can be permanent or temporary, and occurs whenever somebody moves so long as it it is not in the same city.

Population Growth occurs when anybody - from anywhere - comes into a new city, state, country, continent, or in the case of birth, world.

In 2000, Keller population was 25,157, Texas 20,851,741, and the U.S. 281,421,535.

As of 2010, Keller population was 37,585, Texas was 25,145,561, and the U.S. 308,745,538. and

Why These are Issues

These are issues because if too many people migrate to one place, the place's population grows, more food is consumed (and therefore needed) and sometimes people die because they aren't allowed in and can't get enough money to help support them.

Where This is A Problem And What They are Doing to Stop It

This is a problem in Europe, (522,124 immigrants arrived September 29th 2015) as well as China, (though they have a problem with migrants in their own country) and many other places in the world.

They are thinking about dispelling the stereotypes, going back to the basics, or creating more legal avenues. and and