Nuclear Equipment Operators

By Tony Shi


Nuclear Equipment Operation Engineers mainly work in nuclear power plants to make sure that the reactor is running smoothly by exchanging fuel rods, checking radiation levels, maintaining, upgrading, and modifying equipment used, and monitoring the plant. They need to have knowledge of physics, engineering, mechanical objects, and safety/security.
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Job Responsabilities

  1. Follow rules to ensure safety within the nuclear power plant
  2. Monitor the plant so as to prevent failures
  3. Keep equipment used working, up to date, and checked.
  4. Direct Evacuation and alert others of the dangers.
  5. Compute statistics such as radiation, temperature, and pressure.
  6. Give Supervisors computations to review
  7. Collect samples for radioactivity analysis and if needed, determination for proper containment
  8. Decontamination
  9. Measure Radiation.
  10. Don't touch the Na K.
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Nuclear Fuel Rods

Pros and Cons

  • Making energy that people depend on.
  • Relatively high salary for the college degree.
  • You get to work on Nuclear Fission.
  • Lots of Science and Physics involved.
  • Not too high of a degree required.


  • Radiation Exposure.
  • Lots of Responsibilities.
  • Dangerous.

Salary and Other Info

Salary: USA: $74,690 USD (median), $67,330 USD (avg.)

Texas: Average Salary not available

The job outlook is Faster than Average, and is considered green. (Good for the environment)

Personalities that are important: Attention to detail, Honesty, Keeping control of emotions, working in stress, logical thinking, cooperation, persistence, and willingness to start on projects.

STEM disciplines may be needed as well as knowledge in physics, mechanical objects, engineering, and technology.

Education: 69% of workers in this area have an associates degree or lower.


In Texas, the two top colleges for Nuclear Equipment Operation Technicians are:

University of North Texas

Texas A&M University-College Station.

Note: Tuition fee not listed.

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