January 2014

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Welcome back, and a very Happy New Year from the ICT in Schools Team!


Friday 17th January @ OpenZone CLC 9am to 12.30pm. Our E-Safety Conference is back! This is aimed at Heads, Senior leaders, Governors and those responsible for child protection in the school. We will be looking at changes to policy, curriculum and monitoring with a view to making sure that your school is an E-Safe school! The keynote speech will be delivered by Simon Finch, an esteemed colleague in the field of E-Safety.

Contact to book your place or find out more.

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E-skills (the Sector Skills Council for the digital and IT sectors) has recently completed work on a section of its website that’s dedicated to the North East. The page can be found here . It features video and text profiles of youngsters who are employed in a variety of roles in digital industries. The aim is to provide youngsters with a clear insight into those roles and the routes that the job holders took to secure them.

There’s also a section entitled “Dream Job”, which can be found here: . This is a quiz that takes about three minutes to complete and its aim is to match youngsters’ individual characteristics to job roles in the digital sector.

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App of the Week

Check out this cool app - Stop-Go!

Stop-Go! Really simple app to make progress visible in your lesson. Students can hold up their ipads showing the traffic light highlighted at either red, amber or green depending on their understanding level (similar to the planner pages). Alternatively, it could be used as students progress through the work and they can click on the traffic light to represent this progress. This would then be seen as a teacher just by walking around the class. It could form the basis of hinge or differentiated activities. On the other hand, as a teacher app- it can be used as a simple timer that can be set run red-amber-green or green-amber-red. A bell chimes as each light changes.

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Check out these apps ...

Sharing your iPad with your students and much more!

(costs £3 but well worth a look as a presentation tool)

explain everything - useful as a screen capture tool