Crazy Town Playground

By: Morgan Crump, and Logan Johnson

Define the problem

Create a one structure playground with 6 play elements

criteria: children under the age of 12


kids like to play on Slides, Monkey bars, and Swings. I enjoyed to play on on the monkey bars as a kid, at first I was scared but then I conquered my fears. play sets have Swings, Bridges, Slides, and ladders.

Develop possible solutions

Create a prototype

Test and Evaluate

Pros: A fun slide, monkey bars, rock wall, a pole to slide down, a bridge, and a good structure to keep all the kids (even the chubby ones)

Cons: Didn't have time to put side bars on the slide, and the bridge is pretty sketchy so be careful.


The way we would sell our "product" is by listing the pros and cons of our playground. We would first list the cons and then list the pros.


We wanted to have monkey bars, and a sand pit so we would be able to get a good grade.

3D model