Working Conditions ^_^

The harsh and dangerous reality of the Industrial Rvolution!


In the factories it was usually only women and children (boys&girls) working in these factories. The head (people in charge) would higher the women because they are lower pay then men, but they adapt better to the machines than a man would. The children ages as young as 5 would be used to go under machines and fix the machines or to operate them. Their hours were 12- 16 hour shifts and they got a short break to eat(about 30 minutes), they worked usually 6-7 days a week.
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Sometimes, due to the lighting and dust, they can not see where they might be putting down their hands and fingers."These exhausted workers suffer accidents from machines that have no safety device."It is wrong for little children to be working such big machines and they loose their limbs by trying to keep up with it, yes, there are accidents of tripping or anything, but majority of the time they just cant keep up with these harsh unsafe device.

If any of the workers(does not matter what gender)does not do their job right or fast enough then they will be beat. The women are usually taken advantage of and threatened by the head (people in charge).


When the people are working they are working with dusty air and bad lighting. After they are done with their shift or have their day off (Sunday), if they even get to have the day off, they get to go home to their one damp bedroom that has a single bed and if you had a family then they would live in that room with you. These rooms were not kept clean and they didn't have running water, so they would have to go down stairs to get a bucket.If you are "man of the room",they would get to use the clean water and take a bath first and then everyone gets their turn.

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CONCLUDING....... ( :

"The harsh and dangerous reality of the Industrial Revolution" was a long and terrible time for the working class. This was soon changed to where the children under the age of 8 did not have to work in the factories, they also got more breaks, and there wages soon improved.