Sofia's 6th Grade Earth Sience

Paragraph # 1- EARTHQUAKE PBL

The Earthquake PBL was one of second favorite project. I liked doing the earthquake PBL because we got to emagine that if tony stark would have lived her in CA, where would we build his house? We also had to find a place were there is a low chance of earthquakes. Tue earthquake PBL was a really fun project to do because we got to have a shake test. My table group and i had a blast building tony starks house. Our house past the shake test ,it was awesome because we even got to flip the house without leting it fall.

Paragraph #2-30 hands project

Thirty hands project was a fun activity that we did about the atmosphere. We made a video not only talking the atomosphere but how there are pros and cons. The greenhouse effect,greenhouse gases, clobal warming, and climate change are all bad signs. The 30 hands app helps precord and post a picture of yourself recording. This app is a really cool app if you want to record yourself while you have a picture.

Paragraph #3-invention convention

The invention convention is a really fun activity we did in 6th grade science. The invention convention is when you can either inovate or invent something made from left over meaterials. I like to do the invention convention because i like to show people what we can do just using recycling meaterials. My team and i's project is calles The Powerplant.

Extra credit paragraph # 4

My favorite activity is the invention convention in 6th grade. I like it because i love to create and build new things that seem imposible and turn it into something cool. I dont really invent things because i dont ideas but when you have great friend to help then you feel good about the project. I have learned so much about energy,reusing energy,and saving energy.