FOCUS - August 2016

Bowie Baptist Association

What Difference Does it Make?

Ministry by its very nature involves cost. It costs those who engage their time, money, physical and emotional energy, and, most of all, faith. Despite these investments, society is becoming increasingly secular and hostile to our message. And many churches struggle. So I am often asked, what difference does it make?

To answer this question, allow me to share with you just a few of the victories experienced this year through our cooperative ministry through the BBA.

We recently completed three sessions of Children’s Camp, where 1066 campers and sponsors were challenged to Press Start on their walk and service in Christ. Eleven children trusted the Lord for salvation, with many others asking how they may serve. The high point for me was when one of our counselors told me on the final day that she believed God was calling her to missions. Praise the Lord!

A team of 22 from eight churches completed a mission trip to the Navajo Nation, conducting Foot Care, VBS, and light construction projects. As we prepared for our first day of ministry five individuals from the Navajo church trained for and joined in the foot care. They have since performed their own foot care project, marking the first time we have successfully transferred a ministry project to indigenous leadership. Gateway Church elder Myron Lizner says, “We believe we finally have a way to influence the Nation for Jesus.” Three other BBA congregations made similar trips.

Throughout 2016 SBC Disaster Relief crews, including volunteers from BBA, have been on deployment across Texas in response to flooding, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. This investment paid off at home when the May windstorms brought severe damage from Texarkana to Hooks. Local volunteers together with the Recovery Unit at Atlanta completed several projects, removing trees, ministering to and praying with persons affected.

Is it worth it? You be the judge. I’ll simply remind you of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 12:27, “Now you (the church) are the body of Christ, and each of you (the individual members) is a part of it.”

Moving forward, please pray for our first semester classes with the Bi-State School of Ministry as led by Bro. Paul Burkhalter. The clock is ticking, but there is still time for you to enroll for classes starting August 15th.

Pray also for our students returning to school and our Baptist Student Ministry at TC and A&M. Campus missionary Josh McDonald is planning for a great year. If you can help, Josh would love to hear from you.

As Steve Green sings, “May all who come behind us find us faithful.”

Bro. Jim

BSM Update

Well it’s that time of year again! School is just around the corner and the collegiate ministry is ready to take off. We are looking forward to a great fall semester as we make preparations for our bible studies on both college campuses.

This fall we’ll be continuing our bible studies and meals for all college students. We’ll be meeting on Monday’s at noon on TC and Tuesday’s at noon on A&M. We’ll also have several other activities going on throughout the week. We’ll have booths set up at both campuses during the fall events.

My biggest request right now is for prayer. Please pray for me as we enter this semester and pray that God would raise up students who have a desire to lead within the ministry. Discipleship is one of the biggest focuses for our ministry. We want to see students become leaders and use their talents to glorify God. Also pray for salvations, as evangelism is our top priority.

As always any one is welcome to come and help with our ministry or just sit in during one of our lunch bible studies. I’ll be calling on our churches to assist throughout the fall and spring semester so be ready! It is a true pleasure serving our association and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many of you. Feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions at all.

Josh McDonald

Upcoming Meetings

The next Administrative Committee Meeting will be August 9th, 10:00 AM, at the BBA Office. Meetings are open to participation from interested persons within the association.

The next Executive Board Meeting will be at Circle J Cowboy Church, September 20th, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

Bi-State School of Ministry

Seminary Extension is becoming the Bi-State School of Ministry! A partnership between BBA and Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention, the School of Ministry will provide affordable, local, and personal ministry training to persons in Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas.

The Fall Semester begins August 15, 2016 with Introduction to Christian Counseling on Mondays and Communicating the Gospel (Preaching and Teaching that Transforms) on Tuesdays. Classes remain at FBC Wake Village.

To apply for admission, contact the BBA office. For more information, visit the BBA website at

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BBA Annual Meeting and Partnership Celebration

Plan now to attend the Bowie Baptist Association’s Partnership Celebration and Annual Meeting, Sunday, October 16, at Siloam Baptist Church, Simms, TX.

The event will feature a Missions Celebration, a meal, interest based breakout conferences, a brief business session and a Worship Celebration.

Please make sure your church elects messengers for the business session and let Valerie know who will be attending as messengers from your church. All events are open to everyone.

Youth Ministry Search

Highland Park Baptist Church, Texarkana, is seeking a couple to serve as bi-vocational youth ministry leaders. If you believe God is calling you to youth ministry or you know someone who may be a candidate, please contact HPBC at (903) 792-6996.

BGCT Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer for Texas Missions and the Mary Hill Davis Offering is September 11-18, 2016. WMU of Texas designed the Mary Hill Davis Offering to advance Texas Baptist missionary efforts to help people come to know Christ. Therefore, it is the goal of WMU of Texas to strengthen and support Texas missions opportunities through the Baptist General Convention of Texas. The 2016 state goal is $4,000,000.

For more information and promotional materials for your church, click here.


Believe it or not, it is nearing time for your church to complete your Annual Church Profile, a report to our Baptist partners on your ministry this past year. Data is used by convention entities to plan support for local churches and assess SBC ministry priorities.

When your profile arrives, please pass it along to the appropriate individual in your church.

SBTC Reach Texas State Missions

The annual state mission offering of the SBTC will be September 18-25, 2016. 100% of the offering is used for Missions & Evangelism Ministries / Strategies (Disaster Relief, Church Planting, Evangelism & Missions). The 2016 state goal is 1.45 million dollars.

For more information & promotional materials for your church, click here

Churches Seeking Staff

Please continue to pray for the numerous churches in the Association that are seeking staff members.


  • Myrtle Springs
  • Sand Hill
  • Cross Pointe
  • Avery FBC
  • Malta
  • Liberty Hill

Praise & Worship Leader:

Youth Leader:

  • Korean Mission
  • Flower Acres (call 903-824-8412),
  • Highland Park Baptist Church (call 903-792-6996)

For more information, you may contact the respective

congregations with the information provided, or contact the BBA Office.


9 Administrative Team Meeting, 10 AM


5 Labor Day - BBA Office Closed

11-18 Week of Prayer - Texas Missions & Mary Hill Davis Offering

13 Administrative Team Meeting, 10 AM

18-25 Week of Prayer, SBTC

20 Executive Board Meeting, 6 PM

Circle J Cowboy Church

August Friendship Center

  • Avery FBC
  • Grace Way
  • Liberty Hill
  • Malta
  • New Boston FBC
  • Oak Terrace Mission
  • New Oak Grove
  • Simms FBC
  • Regions Christian Center

These churches have been asked by the Friendship Center to get involved in the food drive for this month. The Center needs all kinds of canned goods, flour, corn meal, dried beans, macaroni and cheese, powdered milk, baby foods and formulas, and diapers. Any effort made for the Friendship Center will be appreciated. Some churches have chosen to include the Friendship Center in their annual budget and send a monthly check for support.

Runnin’ WJ Ranch needs financial support, volunteers, and supplies as well.

Associational Staff

Dr. Jim Turnbo

Associational Missionary

Valerie Mills

Ministry Assistant

Paul Burkhalter

Ministry Training Director

Joshua McDonald

Baptist Student Ministry Director

Fraternal Organizations

Sam Clem

Runnin’ WJ Ranch

Edna Walker

Hospitality Director

Bryan Bixler

Friendship Center Director