Whole School Impact

Raising Standards Across the Curriculum

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Learning comes first. Always.

We put learning first. Always. Our approach is simple, yet highly effective. We provide a wealth of inspirational and high-impact projects and classroom approaches for teachers creating better learning outcomes, higher standards and faster progress for all pupils.

We believe that any investment in technology needs to have a clear approach and vision for a sustained impact across the curriculum. Everything we do reflects this and ensures whole-school impact for all staff and pupils.

We provide schools with the confidence using iPads and other mobile devices creatively to impact on standards in teaching and learning across the curriculum. We share inspirational writing projects for teachers who are looking to create better learning outcomes for their pupils, along with our unique approach to ensuring the highest writing standards in all subjects.

By working alongside all school staff, recognising their priorities needs and challenges and focusing in sustained long-term impact we enable the use of technology to raise standards in ways that previously been impossible. We have built an approach for learning that does not yet exist. It works and fits perfectly with all subjects, plans and approaches currently in use in every school.

Adding Value to Your School

  • High-impact classroom approaches
  • Bespoke and personal training for every staff member
  • All Teachers and teaching assistants using a consistent approach
  • The only approach which assures best use of technology at all times
  • Improved efficiency and impact in the role of feedback
  • Real impact with technology, focusing on what matters most in the classroom
  • Ongoing help and support
  • Regular Review and impact assessment