Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg, Kansas

Fight Song

Pittsburg State team, fight for your college!
Come and join the fray!
Pass that ball around for a touchdown
And we'll win this game today!
Fight! Fight! Fight! for the glory and fame
Because our spirit is so great!
And when this game is over
We'll shout the whole world over:
Pittsburg State
The fight song was created to really up the students during a football game or another sporting event.

School colors

Pittsburg state adopted the color crimson red. They later in 1920 they also adopted the color gold to add to crimson red. They are the only school to have a gorilla as there mascot. The current logo for the school as seen above was created in 1985. The logo was created by a student named Michael Hailey.

Apple Day

Apple day was created when the Pittsburg area lobbied the state legislature to give the newly established university an appropriation that would pay for the construction of the school’s first building. They had to come up with a way to get the money so they brought a barrel of apples. The students were amused by this story so much that when the men returned from leaving the school they, told the administrators and faculty that they had to pay the same fine the students had to pay for truancy because the faculty left the classroom to go to the meeting. twelve months later the kids left school and made the faculty pay them a barrel of apples or a apple for every student.