K2 News!

Week of January 11th-15th


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This week we will focus on...

ELA: Letters D&K, -ad and -id family, and pronouns!

Math: Identifying coins, ways to make a number, and counting to 50!

Science: Planting & life cycle of a plant

Social Studies: Tattling vs. Reporting and Conflict Resolution

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Our Schedule this week

Monday: PE

  • Guided Reading folders go home! Please try and read with your child every night.
  • PTO meeting at 6:30

Tuesday: Art

  • Library Day! Please help your child return their library books to school!!

Wednesday: PE

  • At home- Website Wednesday
  • Ms. Paraliticci is out in the MORNING for a training

Thursday: Music

  • Music day


  • PE Day
  • E-time
  • Cluster Showcase- NO family Friday. We will eat lunch in the classroom, PLEASE send your child with lunch if you can instead of purchasing in the lunchroom

Friday lunch (January 15th)

On the 15th, Austin will be having the Cluster Showcase happening in the cafeteria. This showcase is for 3rd-5th graders. Because of this, we will NOT be having Family Friday on this day. We will be eating lunch in our classroom.
I would HIGHLY suggest your child brings a lunch from home on this day. The cafeteria will be selling sack lunches, but they tend to not have the best variety and aren't the kid's favorite. I will try and remind you :)
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Money Money Money!

For the past 2 weeks, your child has been learning all about Money in kindergarten! We have learned the coins, the value of each, and ways we can earn money!

In kindergarten, students are expected to know the name of each coin (penny, nickel, dime, quarter). They should be able to look at the coin and identify it. In first grade, they must tell the value of each coin. For now, we are just focusing on identifying- but it can't hurt to discuss how much they are worth :)

Some students are really struggling with the difference between the nickel and the quarter. Please help your child at home with this and maybe give some tricks you use to tell the difference. The more practice they get, the better. Please let me know if you have any questions!

*I can also tell you that after teaching 2nd and 3rd grade, a lot of students get confused when you show them STATE quarters! Throw some in the mix so they recognize them early. We have been working on them in class too :)

January Presentations- Due January 25th

Before break, I sent home the outline for our January Presentations. This one is one of my favorites! The kids will be presenting on what they want to be when they grow up! :) Feel free to be creative.

If you notice, at the bottom of the paper, it encourages you to use index cards or cue cards for kids to read off of as notes. Please do not use the outline paper during the presentation. Some of the kids don't need notes at all, and that's fine! Index cards for each line can help remind them of what to say.

Also notice that the outline mentions your child's "visual" they bring can be an outfit they wear to represent what they want to be when they grow up! Again, have fun with this and enjoy practicing with your child. Each month we are blown away at how great they are! Let me know if you have any questions :)


Mark your Calendar!

January 5- Box tops due

January 8- Rise and Shine

January 13- Ms. Paraliticci is out in the morning for a training

January 15- End of the 2nd nine weeks