The Mangus Messenger


Dear Parents,

I hope you had a great week. There was a lot going on and we have had a lot of sick kiddos. I just want to give a quick shout out to the students who were sick, printed out all the homework from the Assignment Board, and then turned it all in when they returned to class. It was a tribute to how much they care about their learning and we celebrated as a class. As a teacher, you know you are doing something right when the first question they ask is, "What did I miss?"

I'm also proud to see students coming to me to discuss their grades, ask for help, and ask about ways to make up a low grade. This shows dedication, how much you are supporting them at home, and that school is an important part of their world. Thank you!

Old Magazines

If you have one or two old, class appropriate magazines you could part with, could you please send them in with the kids on Monday? I have a craft project for writing that we are going to do next week, but I need some magazines.

Endangered Animal Presentations

This month we did a cross-curricular work (Reading, Writing, and Communicating with Science) called the Endangered Animal Project. The students had to choose a "critically" endangered animal to research and present. The students that completed their presentations on Thursday and Friday did a fantastic job! I am really proud of them. The best part is that I can see how proud they are of themselves. Their confidence is growing and their presentation skills are improving by leaps and bounds. It was awesome to watch them enjoy presenting (instead of being scared) and it's always fun to see how efficient they have become using the clicker (to advance their slides). Lots of eye contact, great pacing, clear voices, and impressive details! I learned a lot today.

We also had a guest speaker from 2nd grade. Presley's sister, Marlo, was so excited about our 6th grade project that she did her own AND wanted to present it. I think I speak for all of us when I say, "She did great." It was pretty impressive to see her walk into the room like she owned the place and then stand up in front of all us and proceed with her speech. She had to get some help from her big sister for those long words, but she kept at it and didn't give up. Can you imagine what kind of a speaker she will be by 6th grade? WOW! Anyway, we loved having her join us and I'm so thankful that our classroom community is so welcoming and supportive of everyone. Go team!

Here are some of the amazing models and dioramas:

Board Presentation - Wed, 12/16

On Wednesday, 12/16, the 6th grade will present to the ARPS Board. I have a "yes, my student will be there" from most of you. This is optional and extra, so I thank you for allowing them to participate.

They are working in teams just in case anyone gets sick. ;) We wrote in our planners that they will need to dress up and look professional. However, if they don't want to wear their nice clothes all day they should bring clothes to change into. They can stay with me after school, we will set up, and then we will meet those of you coming to watch us in the meeting room (TBD) at 4:00 pm.

We will do our presentation, take our materials back to the classroom, and then, after they grab their belongings, they are free to go. Thank you for giving them this real-life opportunity and please let me know if you have any questions.

Classroom Party/Reward Celebration on Thurs, 12/17

For Thursday, 12/17, our class has voted on movie time instead of a party because they just want to chill and hang out. They voted on the movie they want to see and they love the idea of the Mangus Movie Theater where they can use their Mangus Money to purchase from our concession stand. Don't you just love how I incorporate math into their party time? That teacher hat just never takes a break. HA!

The class also earned their reading reward this week for their Team Celebration Points. They have chosen to extend their holiday party (starting earlier) and include an electronic day. So, we are going to combine the two. They will have an indoor lunch/recess where they can use their electronics and that will lead us into the party time. I will be sending home a permission form for the movie and the electronic devices. Hopefully, you are okay with an electronic permission form because we have run out of paper for copies. ;) I will send the permission form via email as soon as I get it done.

Students Gifts

Some of the students want to get their classmates a little "something" to celebrate the holidays (most brought up little candies, handmade cards, one decided on Lego guys - can't believe Pokemon didn't come up). So, after some serious class discussion and compromise, if your student says they "have" to get something, that is not true. It is an individual choice. If they "want" to get their classmates a little something, they can. However, they must bring the "something" for all 11 of their classmates. This is just another piece of evidence on how much they care about each other. Ahhhh, warm hearts all around.

Music Rehearsal Support - After School

Ms. Smith, our wonderful music teacher, is in need of a few volunteers to help provide extra support for our 4th-6th grade music performance group. She will need help on Wednesdays, from 3:00 - 3:45 pm, during the month of January.

In addition, ARPS is borrowing risers from Erie Elementary. We need a few helpful parent volunteers (one with a pickup truck) to help safely transport the risers to the ECC during the last week of January. If you can help, please contact Ms. Smith at

PE Days

On Tuesday and Thursday our students have PE. Please make sure your kiddos remember to bring their athletic shoes for safe participation (especially on those days when the weather is less than the best). We are trying to remember to write it in our planners, too. Thank you for your help from home!

Library Books

In an effort to get library books returned and checked in for the new year, please have your students return all library books next week. We will not be checking out any new books next week, but will resume normal check out in January.

Remember that students are still allowed to check books from our classroom library. ;)

Calendar Reminders

Wed, 12/16 - Board Meeting Presentation at 4:00 pm
Thurs, 12/17 - Classroom Holiday Party from 1:30 - 3:00 pm
12/21 through 1/1 - No School for Winter Break
*No Early Release Day in January or February
Mon, 1/4 - Classes Back in Session
Fri, 1/8 - 6th Grade Spelling Bee
Fri, 1/8 - ECC & Dress Down Day for $1
Fri, 1/15 - No School
Mon, 1/18 - No School for Martin Luther King Day
Fri, 1/22 - Dress Down Day for $1
Fri, 1/29 - ECC

Have a wonderful weekend!