Be the Buyer Recap

October Week 4: 10/28 - 11/3

NEW! Votes to Sales Correlation Analysis

We now have the ability to look at post-launch sales velocity of BTB products in relation to how they performed when launched for voting as samples. Below is a look at sales velocity of products previously put through the BTB program, were picked, and were launched on the site during 9/1/2013 - 11/1/2013.

What we're seeing:

  • Post Launch Sales Velocity:
  • The Pine Room Dress, The Best Pals Party Dress, and The Celebration of Charm Dress (now archived) were not only the top 3 fastest selling BTB products during this time, but their performance both in voting and in sales is consistent with our high Pick Votes and high Pick Comments algorithm
  • Even though The Shoes of Note Flats were originally considered skips due to the low number of Pick votes per day and comments, they are already sold out on the site
  • This leads us to think that shoes may be an exception to our current Pick algorithm (see below)

  • Post Launch Margin Velocity:
  • Shoes may be an exception to this high Pick Votes/high Pick Comments algorithm
  • All 5 light blue dots and 1 purple on the table above are picked shoe styles that launched during this time-frame
  • Looks to be more of a Total Vote algorithm for shoes (meaning those shoes that have the highest number of total votes/engagement on site will be the most successful), with less emphasis on the comments

October/November Category Breakdown:

We are currently booked through Friday, November 8th.

October TOTAL (through 11/1): 60
Dresses: 48
TBO: 9
NA: 3

Looking ahead...

November TOTAL (through 11/8): 24

ATTENTION: If you have samples on hand that you would like to launch for voting during NOV WK1, please pass them off to me by Thursday, 11/7, and they will launch for voting over the weekend.

Top Voted This Past Week

Additional Updates!

  • We are looking in to adjusting the Exclusivity Period for BTB samples -- more info and updates to come!
  • BTB Updated Process Doc -- I will be sending out a short, updated doc for processing BTB styles through the new Supply. There has been some questions and confusion surrounding the process, and the doc hopes to serve as a guideline to assist you if needed
  • Please see below for some snippets of what the doc will include!

FAQ: What does the sample retreival process look like (after photography)?

  • After photography and editing are completed, I retrieve all of the samples from the studio upstairs, bring them back down to my rack, and organize them by vendor and category
  • I group and tag all of the samples by vendor and leave them on the left-hand side of the rack
  • It is up to you to come by and pick up your samples off the rack if you need to return them to your vendor in a timely fashion
  • This process currently has a 2-3 day turn around time (from the day you drop off the sample to me for photography)

If you have any questions, concerns, and or improvements regarding this, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time!