Monday Message

Week of December 18th - December 21st

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Here is a look at our short week ahead:

Monday, December 18th:

11:05 ARD (Kelly & Traci)

12:30 LEAD Mid-Year Conference (Traci)

12:30 LEAD Mid-Year Conference (Kelly)

1:15 Meet w/ PTA (Kelly & Traci)

2:00 Parent Meeting (Kelly)

2:30 Fire Drill - 3rd time is the charm!

Tuesday, December 19th:

8:35 3rd Grade PLC

10:20 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

11:00 LEAD Observation (Kelly)

3:15 ARD (Kelly)

Wednesday, December 20th:

8:35 4th Grade PLC

10:30 SRMS Concert - 5th Grade

Thursday, December 21st

8:35 5th Grade PLC

11:45 Early Release for students

12:15 ARD @ Vickery Elementary (Kelly)

1:30 Early Release for staff

A Peek At Last Week

Feel free to wear jeans with a school or holiday shirt this week! Please let me know if I have left anything out and I will add it. Have a fabulous week!