Language Arts

Mrs. Hall

Today's Center Choices-I will collect your notebooks on Thursday.

  1. Write a nice, thoughtful letter to someone special in your life. It can be about the holiday, a thank you letter, or whatever you want to share with them. This will go home on Thursday.
  2. Brainpop-Moon, Moon Phases, & Tides. Take the quiz. Write down your score in your reading notebook.
  3. Write about what you hope to do over the winter holidays.
  4. Space Books-Read the classroom books about space. Write down 4 new vocabulary words you read. Look up their definition and write them in your Reading Notebook.
  5. Plot Diagram-Fill in information based on your chapter book from the library. This is a copy that was on my desk. The example is on googledocs. I shared it with Maggie. She can pull it up on the little computer from her googledocs.
  6. Work on Lexia for 25 minutes (one day)
  7. SRI-Reading Counts (One quiz on a chapter book & one quiz on a chapter book)
  8. Study Island-not this week.
  • (Do this whenever the table if free) Vocabulary Center (Only 3 students at letter writing table at one time). Use the Magazines to cut out one content word from the wall. Glue it on the white paper. Write the definition in your own words, illustrate the word, write the part of speech, and use it in a sentence.