End Animal Cruelty

Zap out animal cruelty🌩


These animals don't deserve what their getting. These animals are our friends if you hurt them your hurting yourself. Right now an innocent animal is being hurt please help to end this now. How would you like it if it happened to you it's not their fault if they chew up the couch or to climb your curtains. This is a habit that they can break they just need time.
Orangutans are losing their home because of logging and sea lions are being found and killed. Don't give any money to the ones that are hurting saving the animals is saving your friends.
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Speak out

We are their friends they don't deserve to die they need to live. They don't have a voice because it is taken away from them. All they can do is cry they don't have a voice. You know the saying actions speak louder than words well it's actually the opposite words speak louder than actions. Because the actions of the betrayers can hurt people you just need to speak up and listen to them and do whatever you have to do to help.
Speak for all not just one

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