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Thanks from Mark and Sarah for the fantastic contributions at the Autumn TLEGFEST last term. We enjoyed ourselves and it was really great to hear what other groups have been doing rather than just reading about it in emails. Many of us really appreciated some of the practical resources that were shared, which got us thinking about creating two complementary TLEGS.

TLEG Enquiries and TLEG Toolkits

The Wednesday Programme in Post-16 will follow a slightly different format. On the 13 and 27th November we will break out of our regular groups and into TLEG Toolkit groups. We've called these TLEG TECH with Mark (there will be two differentiated sessions), TLEG SEN with Christine, and TLEG LIT with Jenny. Colleagues from each TLEG 1-6 will attend a different Toolkit session, then come back to the original TLEG the following week to share resources and ideas.

The idea is that the Toolkit sessions offer practical takeaways that can be used in the classroom straight away and form part of the enquiries into differentiation, questioning and marking and feedback. Remember Sam's exit cards and Dave's worksheet/scaffold/lead mould? We would all like more of that for iPads, Literacy and SEN differentiation and extension.

TLEG Toolkit sessions will take place in Post-16. Rooming for each session will be emailed on the day.

On 13th November, this Wednesday, JA will meet in the Training Room for a session with John Bosselman on Building the Work Day, and SA TLEGS will all start in the main Post-16 area with Mark sharing 30 apps in 30 minutes.... followed by a practical session in TLEG groups.

Ask Sarah or Mark if you're not sure what to do on Wednesday!

SA TLEG groups on Wednesday...

30 Apps in 30 Mins by Mark. This will be emailed as a poster with e-links for your delight by tomorrow!

Junior Academy TLEGS

The format for JA TLEGS will remain different. Toolkits are being built in to our sessions by John B and by our outside experts for IBL. Mark, however, will be visiting our two groups to make sure that when Year 7 get their iPads, we are ready with new and funky iPed (see what I did there).

JA now have their own PBL blog, called #sbl-pbl, and will cover many aspects of PBL and IBL - pedagogy, resources, student work, protocols, assessment ideas and links to other sites and other schools. Put your email address at the prompt when you 'follow' the blog to get updated.

TecPed Ideas

You will have seen Mark's TecPed Ideas newsletter about technology and pedagogical ideas ideas related to our use of technology at SBL. Mark is looking to extend this further, particularly with your stories - please share them with him. If you have any questions about any of the items in the issue, please feel free to drop me a line back or tweet him on @ICTEvangelist.

Look at Mark's EdTech Classroom blog too, here:

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