Welcome to Week 6

Cultural Diveristy Week

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

This week we are focusing our attention on cultural diversity within the workplace. We all know diversity is an important concept, but do we truly understand what is meant by "workplace diversity?" The learning this week should help you develop a more fully-developed understanding of the concept.

To help you get started, check out the article below.

What's coming this week

This week you'll be reading lecture material focused on the importance of cultural diversity within the workplace.

Your discussion activity asks you to consider the various ways cultural inclusion can benefit the workplace.

The activities for this week include a cultural sensitivity document you could use in the workplace. This document sometimes confuses students, so please make sure you read the directions carefully. Keep in mind you are being asked to create an ORIGINAL graphic for this assignment as well. This could be a chart or graph of some sort. My advice would be to take a look at your current workplace and make a chart or graph detailing the cultural diversity at your workplace.

You will also need to complete a quiz and reflection this week.

Don't forget you should be continuing to work on your portfolio project, which is due in Week 7.

Let's get started

Ok...you've got all the tools you need to be successful...let's get started and have an amazing Week 6! I know you can do it!

Remember, office hours are available every week. I'd love to see you there. For specific information, look at your Supplemental Syllabus for times and contact information.