Alyson Dudek ready to take off to the finish

What is short track skating you say!?

This sport is where two racers compete to the finish line while speed skating around a 111 meter oval track. Fighting to the finish is what these competitors do best! Its pretty much an activity where speeding is not something you get a ticket for. Learn more

Hard work from Dudek!

This video will be showing some of the accomplishments Alyson had made in the past year of training.
American Dudek wins Ladies 500m B Final at Sochi - Universal Sports

Alyson Dudek's ticket to the 2014 Olympics!

This video shows her big win in the Olympics Trial.
Jessica Smith Grabs Her Third Win At The Trials | U.S. Olympic Trials Short Track Speedskating

Baby Alyson

Looks like our bronze medalist has had passion for the Olympics every since she was a wee little kid (Alyson says). This is definitely an example that shows love, passion and heart towards a sport!


The sport is a sport of speed and it gets people going. Just the way you glide on the ice gives you the strength and the ability to do your best.


This video shows the playful side the Olympians. It shows that even though they are competitors they are still able to laugh and joke around. But when is race time these Olympians sure do know how to put their game face on. They all have to be put in this booklet where it shows a picture of their game face and gives a short article about them. Here you can watch a video where Alyson and some of her teammates talk about how they feel about their game face picture.
US Speedskating: Game Face