Robots in the real world


Questions to answer

1. What is a robot?

1. answer: A robot is a machine which is programed by a computer to do a series of actions.

2. Where did the term robot come from?

2. answer: It from the Czech word ‘robotnik‘ which means forced labor or slave.

3. Why do we have robots?

3. answer: Robots are hear to do things that we are to afraid to do or is too dangerous for us to do.

4. Pick a robot in the work environment tell me the advantages and disadvantages of this robot?

4. answer: I chose car manufacturer. Advantages: produce cars at a higher speed then humans, needs minimum overseeing, Does what you tell it to do and Works 24/7.

Disadvantages: May break down, Needs cool down time, takes long to program and cost more money than a worker.

5. What are the main components of a robot?

5. answer: The main components of a robot are: Actuation, Motors, Stepper motors, Piezo Motors, Air Muscles, Electroactive polymers, Elastic Nanotube and Manipulation