Panther Corporation Newsletter

December 2019

Take a Look at What Has Been Positively Happening Around GPS in November and early December!

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Trivia Night Winners at GHS! Look at those smiles:)

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Safety at Griffith Public Schools!

Just a quick update...

ALL visitors must show IDs at the front office of all GPS buildings.

Please understand that your ID will be kept and returned to you once you check out at the main office. This ensures a system where we know if there are visitors who are still in buildings during emergencies or evacuations.

Thank you for your understanding with this matter! We are always updating our procedures and processes within the area of safety.

If you should have any questions regarding this matter or any item related to safety, please contact our Director of Safety and Security, Michael Vode, at Thank you!

Community Forum Meetings Starting in 2020

Griffith Public Schools is continually committed to excellence in its academics and extra-curricular activities and programs, as well as athletics. To help us achieve this goal, we will be reaching out to teachers, parents, and community leaders by asking them to work with us in an advisory capacity to continually improve the education, programming, and facilities for our students.

During the winter months of 2020, we will discuss the future of Griffith Public Schools and create a vision based upon what we have learned throughout these sessions and our recent visits to extraordinary educational systems and districts. From that vision, we will create Graduate Profile and Griffith Exemplars for each grade level to help guide our work along the way, as well as ensure our students are on the right path to Panther Success!

The purpose of this plan is to help guide our corporation as we embark on this journey of continuous improvement and positive promotion of Griffith Public Schools.

Look for future communication on our work!

News from the Athletic Department...

As a member of the Indiana High School Activities Association, it is Griffith Public Schools' belief that interscholastic activities are an integral part of the secondary curricular program and an extension of the classroom. Our school’s program shall supplement the curricular program of the school and shall provide the most worthwhile experiences possible. These expectations shall result in learning situations that contribute to the development of the attributes necessary for good citizenship.

As of December 9, 2019, Griffith Public Schools has received 5 ejections, either from a student athlete, coach, and fan. We are very saddened by this recent display of behavior from all stakeholders. Griffith Public Schools is taking an approach that any type of behavior that results in an ejection or removal will not be tolerated by any of our stakeholders.

Let's remember the following:

Fundamentals of High School Activities: When hosting an event, the opponent should be treated as guests and treated cordially. Officials should be recognized as impartial arbitrators who are trained to do their job with the best of their ability. Familiarity with the current rules of the game and the recognition of the necessity for a fair contest are essential. Sportsmanship requires one to understand his or her own bias and the ability to prevent the desire to win from overcoming rational behavior. Applause for an opponent’s good performance is a demonstration of generosity and good will and should not be looked at negatively.

Expectations of Parents and Spectators: Your enthusiasm as a spectator includes a vital responsibility for good sportsmanship. Your habits and reactions determine the quality of sportsmanship, which reflects upon our school and our community. Parents are expected to:

· Know and demonstrate the fundamentals of good sportsmanship.

· Respect, cooperate and respond to cheerleaders.

· Respect school property, staff and authority at all times.

· Show respect to opponents and opposing coaches and fans.

· Respect the judgement and strategy of the coaches (even when you disagree).

· Respect the judgement of the game officials (even when you disagree).

· Avoid profane and derogatory language and obnoxious behavior.

· Avoid applauding errors or penalties of the opponents.

· Refrain from heckling, jeering, or distracting opponents, including distracting behavior.

· Refrain from being overly critical of players, coaches or officials for a call or a loss.

· Refrain from belittling players, coaches or officials.

· Refrain from throwing objects on to the floor or playing area.

· Refrain from using any noise enhancers or artificial noisemakers.

· Refrain from using any taunting or ridiculing cheers directed at visiting teams or fans.

· Avoid from booing or showing disrespectful displeasure with game officials or game staff.

Any fan ejected or removed from an activity for any reason will be subject to the same procedures and policies as a player or coach would before they may attend any further activities. These procedures are as follows:

1. He/she must complete and certify the NFHS sportsmanship video (for parents) located on NFHS website .

2. A hard copy of the completed certificate will be kept on file at the athletic office.

3. He/she must sign the Parental/Patron Activities Contract to be kept on file in the athletic office.

If you have any questions, please contact Neil Dimos, Athletic Director.