My Authentic journey towards Heaven

Kyler King: 6th hour Ms. Thibodeaux

Who am i now?

  • A student
  • A friend
  • A sister
  • An aunt
  • A daughter
  • I am a german sheperd lover
  • A woman
  • I am funny
  • I am goofy
  • I am a girlfriend
  • I am book lover
  • I am a shopaholic
  • A future AKA
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Who do I want to be?

  • A lawyer
  • A mother
  • A wife
  • A Christian
  • An AKA
  • A college graduate
  • Someone my nieces, nephews, and children can look up to
  • A good role model

My dreams in Life...

My dreams in life are to be successful and better child of God. When I look at the future I see myself as a devoted church goer and someone who is more involved the the church community. I look towards my mother and the way she interacts with the church and it is me than a lifestyle choice for her. I see the sereneness in her heart and it speaks volumes.

Where is Christ in my Life right now?

Right now I am more passive to the thought of God. I have so many question that fill my thoughts on the concept of a higher being that have yet to be answered. Also I am told on thing in church and in theology and then I am told another in science. Their is so much contradiction going on i am still shaky on how firm i stand on my faith.

Where do I want him to be?

I want to be a more firm and humble christian. I want to have a stronger faith in the Lord and see his works working in my life day in and day out.

What is my Vocation?

I believe that my vocation is to help others. I know that this sounds a little cliché, but I was always told that I give good advice. I also find enjoyment in arguing, so I believe that if I become a lawyer that I can do both. I can help those in need and argue the case with others.

Where will Christ fall in my future Vocation?

I believe that if I go into this career field, that God will send me people who need my help most. I think that since Christ knows my heart he also knows my will power to help those who have be wrongfully misused or abused by the system or someone who they believed had their best interest at heart.

Goals for my future...

  • To remain pure and resist temptation from outside forces.
  • To strengthen my relationship with the father
  • To strengthen my relationship with my friends that I have neglected
  • To have a batter understanding on Human Dignity
  • To come to an understandings about the truths that God has give us
  • To stop running away from Gods love
  • To learn the difference between LOVE and LUST
  • To be more open to the idea of the mysteries of Christ
  • To be more appreciative of the sacrifices of those before me
  • To LOVE others and GOD loves me
  • To help spread the good news and grace of God
  • To have redemption from the LORD JESUS CHRIST
  • To have a better understanding of the Knowledge of Marriage
  • To be better joined to my spouse
  • For my spouse and I to have stability and a strong Christian Foundation
  • To better use the freedom I was given by the Father
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